Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Ramones

June 17th, 1979

Marie & I went all the way up to New Haven, CT to see the Ramones. Crazy, huh! What a bunch of jerks there. I will never go to Connecticut again. I was going to up there to see Blondie but forget it. I wonder if Johnny Ramone remembered me. I know that the roadies & Arturo did. Big deal. I think Johnny may have. God, Johnny Ramone is so cute. He kept on dropping his guitar pics because it was so hot in there. We saw Cary there. I had gotten into a fight with some kids and when I came out at night I had a flat tire in my car. I think that those stupid kids did it. Anyway, Cary's father came & helped to change it.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Power Outage at the Ramones

June 16th 1979

Went to see the Ramones in Dover at the Show Place. Johnny Ramone was an amazing as ever. I think he may have remembered me. I stood right in front of him and was screaming and went wild. But unfortunately in the middle of the show there was a power failure and that was it for the Ramones show. How depressing. A car hit some telephone pole or something and all the power went out. Everyone stood outside the club for a long time hoping they would get it fixed and the Ramones would go back on stage to play but they never did. It was such a let down. I thinh the Ramones just took off once it happened. They should have refunded our money from the club but they never did.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blessed at the Mudd Club

June 14th, 1979

Went to the Mudd Club to see the Blessed. It was so much fun. I could not film that much because the crowd up front was so wild. Billy looked great. He had on eye make up. We were upstairs for alot of the night. It is so much better upstairs at the Mudd Club. I thought the Mudd Club was so much better than the last time I went but probably because the Blessed were playing. That will always make it better. Most of the Johansen Band was there. Tommy Trask was not friendly at all and was with some girl most likely from Staten Island. I drenched them both wet with a water gun. It was funny. I thought the Blessed were so fantastic. I could not believe how wild the audience was. We all kept attacking Howie and he finally just fell on to the audience. Walter Lure also went flying into the audience. Oh well, Hail True Love.