Friday, June 27, 2008

Whipped Into a State of Deep Frenzy

Dec 13th, 1978
Went into the city to see Howie Pyro but he called in sick from his job. We went to Next and Manic Panic instead and just hand out there. I bought some crosses for the Blessed.

Dec 15th, 1978
Went to see the Blessed at Max's. I was in a weird mood all night, maybe because it was a full moon. I gave Howie all the crosses. He kicked me in the face during the first set by mistake. I carved Blessed and a cross in my arm last night. Billy Stark dedicated a song to the people in the charge of the fan club. They did "Flagellation Rock." It was there 1 year anniversary for playing so they had baloons and streamers. Everyone from the Blessed filled out interviews for the fan club. I still need pictures from Eileen, their Manager. Cheetah Chrome was at the show and so was Sid Vicious's mom. Richie Lure said Hi & Bye. Frank Infante from Blondie was also there. We didn't really talk. Howie Pyro goes to England on Jan 8th and he'll probably be gone for 3 weeks. I still have his hand earring. I still wear it although it is really ugly. I can't not stand that groupie Trixie.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I belong to the Blank Generation....

Dec 8th, 1978
Went to see Richard Hell & the Voidoids and the Erasers at CBGB's. I spoke with Susan Springfield and she watched Richard's second set with me. Jerry has a girlfriend. Richard Hell spoke to me during the first set and during the second set he came over and starting choking me all because I called him Ricky Heck. Richie Lure is so cute from the Erasers. Clement Burke from Blondie was there. I think Richard hates me but I don't know why since I am such a good fan.

Dec 9th, 1978
What a crazy night. I went to see Richard Hell at CBGB's again. First we went to see Howie at Village Oldies. We talked all about the Blessed Fan Club. He liked my cross earring so much that we traded. I am wearing his doll hand. I gave him my address and phone number. Howie calls Jerry some really mean names. I don't like Jerry anymore anyway. Richard almost slapped me during the first set and he said "Fuck you" to me at the end of the second set. They go to England next week so they can go to hell. We heard that Richard Hell has a terminal disease. Susan sat with me again during the second set of Rochard. Susan Springfield reminds me so much of someone I know.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Down at Max's......

Dec 6th, 1978
Went to Max's and saw The Fast & the Student Teachers. The Student Teachers were really good and so were The Fast. It was my first time seeing both bands. Walter Lure, Howie Pyro, and Jimmy Destri were there. I spoke with Howie a bit.

Dec 7th, 1978
I went to see "I want to hold your hand" & FM. I really identified with one of the girls in the movie. They just had to meet the Beatles and they tried all these ways to get into their hotel. Itw as great. Reminded me of David Bowie

Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Richard Hell....

Dec 1st, 1978

Went to The Place to see Richard Hell & the Voidoids. There were only like 25 people there. I gave Richard my Bay City Rollers button and some champagne. He was really nice. Jerry looked good but I did not talk to him at all. After we went into NYC into CBGB's and ran into some of the usual gang. We saw Johnny from Phili who was staying in NYC so we went back to his hotel. Ricky was there also. Here is his phone number so I don't lose it. 609-423- _ _ _ _.

Dec 2nd, 1978

Went to see Richard Hell & the Voidoids again at The Place. It was empty again. We wrote down the words to "Shattered" and gave them to Gerry to give to Richard but Richard never sang it. Gerry was really nice though. Richard was nice to us also. I don't think that Richard could believe that we were there again and wait until he sees us again in NYC. I can't wait. When I yelled out for "Shattered" he went to me "Don't you ever learn" and I said "No, I don't" and he said "We're all a bunch of dimwits". It was really great. I am always so focused on Richard that I never realized what a great band that he has. Ivan and Bob are so good on guitar.

Letter to Creem Magazine

Nov 28th, 1978

I mailed a letter into Creem Magazine today. It was my first letter to a magazine. It went something like this.

Just want to let all of you commercial idiots know the the Blessed are one of the best bands in New York. No one plays bass like Howie Pryo and he even cuts his own hair. Too bad Walter Lure wants his own band because he would fit in so great. Maybe Frank Infante should quit Blondie and join the Blessed or maybe just take a crash course to help his memory. And tell Ricky Heck to pick off his crabs before the show and not during.
A friend of the wide-eyed wonder
Somewhere in NJ

P.S. Deborah, you never ripped us to shreds in NYC
P.S.S. To those want to make music like the Cars (ugh): Go and suck it somewhere else.