Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hail True Love !

April 16th, 1979

Oh Hail True Love! I saw the Blessed play last night at Max's. Donna Destri also played. The Blessed were so good but they only did 1 set which sucked. Some famous photographer was there, Scavulo. He is going to put Howie Pyro in his book and the only Rock Stars that will be in it are Bowie, Jagger, Lou Reed, & Howie. Can you believe it? I always knew that the Blessed would be famous some day. Especially Howie - He is such a Rock Star.

Tommy Trask was there. He actually walked by and said hello. I asked him if it was true that Buzzy & Johnny Rao were going to get fired and he said that nothing was definite but they are not recording with them. Mick Ronson is instead. Tommy also said they will play in NJ when they are done. I can not wait.

Walter Lure was actually nice last night. While the Blessed were playing he was telling people to stand up and he looked at me and said "Come on and stand up Sweet Heart". I was so embaressed. Brad was also pretty nice. I am forever devoted to the Blessed. I would like to spend the rest of my life following them.

I've been so depressed at college because it is so horrible here. But I should be happy. I quit smoking everything really. I am so glad I gave up the cigs. I really do not want to smoke anymore.


Friday, January 23, 2009

A Trip to Phili

April 14th, 2009
I went to Tom's for the weekend with Joon & Judy. We had a really good time. We went to see the Autistics & the Stimulators at the Hot Club. That place is the pits. I hate to ever go there again except Richard Hell is playing there next weekend so I am sure we will be going. I saw Johnny & Debbie. Johnny is in the Autistics now and him & Debbie got married. It was really good to see them but I don't know how Debbie can stand living in Phili after being from NYC. Everyone is so far behind there. They all think they are so punk in their ripped clothing & pogoing. I just think they act so stupid and are just so behind the times. I bought some great Bowie singles at a really great record store called 3rd Street Jazz. Really nice picture sleeves.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

And Still More Ramones....

April 8th, 1979
Went to see the Ramones at the Red Foxx Inn. It was so good to see Johnny Ramone again. I got 6 guitar pics. Kind of made me feel it was like watching Tommy Trask all over again. The Ramones guitar pics are nice though because their name is on them. I am collecting all of the pics in a jar. Dee posed for a photo and so did Johnny. I also took some pics of Johnny on stage. I hope they came out ok. I hate the Red Foxx Inn. The place is good though because it is only 15 minutes from my house. But they had all these hippie guys trying to keep all the kids away from the stage.

I heard that David Johansen fired Ronny, Johnny Rao, & Buzzy Verno from the band. I can't even imagine seeing other people in the band. It will be so sad when I go even though I was not too friendly with any of them. I got really used to them though. Oh well.


Friday, January 16, 2009

More Ramones......

April 6th, 1979
Went out with Marie to Long Island to My Father's Place to see the Ramones. The people working there were such jerks. For some reason, they were really picking on me to stay in my seat when everyone else was standing. Who can sit when the Ramones are playing? They threatened to throw me out if I did not listen to them. What a complete nightmare. And I only got 1 guitar pic. Johnny was so cute so I guess it was all worth it. I am never going back to that place again.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday

April 1st, 1979
It's my birthday today and I am 21 years old. I remember when I thought people that were 21 were old and now I am one of them. I went to the Rock n Roll flea market in NYC. It was really good there. They had it at some hotel. The Blessed played. How perfect is that, the Blessed played on my 21st birthday. Of course it is by coincidence and not intentional but still pretty cool I think. And guess who was at the sound check, Tommy Trask. I was happy to see him there. At least he said goodbye when he left. Then after the Blessed played, the lights came on and Johnny & Joey Ramone were there. So Johnny said Hi to me. Maybe he remembered me from last night when we went to see them play. I screamed enough - he should remember me. I also saw some great David Bowie films at the flea market. They were from Ziggy Stardust. I also bought some good Bowie stuff - some 45 imports from Japan with really good picture sleeves & some concert photos. Over all - it was a great 21st birthday.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Ramones...

March 31st, 1979
Went to see the Ramones at Emmits in NJ. I can not stand the place but it is so close to my house. I love when I get to see my favorite bands 2 nights in a row. Last night David Johansen and tonight the Ramones. I stood in front of Johnny the entire night and just screamed & screamed while he played. The Ramones were really good. I love to scream really loud during Surfin Bird when it gets really quiet and they stop playing. After me & Marie went behind the club outside so we could see them before they left. I got Johnny & Joey's autograph. How tacky but it was so much fun. I have the best autograph collection that I have start to put into a scrapbook but of course my favorites are my David Bowie autographs. I love the one where he signed his photo and wrote it to my name.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Can I have your autograph?

March 29th, 1979
You will just never believe this. I went to see the David Johansen Band again at Creation in South Jersey. It is a nice club and I had a great time. Well I decided to ask some people in the band for their autograph like Tommy Trask and them as a joke. It was so ridiculous even though I secretly wanted them. So when Tommy Trask signed it for me, he put it to my name without me telling him. I know that it sounds dumb but it made me happy that he knew my name after all the times we have gone to see them play. And then when we were leaving we were talking to Frankie LaRocka and he was so nice. He told us that he would miss us and he said good bye to me and Marie and made sure he said both of our names. I just can not believe that they know our names. I am going to miss that band so much while they are touring. I may not be able to see them play again until September. I wonder if they will even remember us. Well they should since Marie & I are such devoted fans. They band played 2 new songs that I never heard and they were really good. I just can't wait for their new album to come out. Oh - I got Eileen Polk's phone number, it is XXX-XXX-XXXX. If I write it in here, I will not lose it.