Thursday, March 10, 2011

Move of the Story - Several days

I have been so lazy with posting so I will post several days at once.

Oct 18th, 1979
I still have not found a job in NYC but that is ok. I do the same thing here as I do home, nothing. Tomorrow I am going to go to some museums and apply for some jobs. Nicole & I are becoming pretty good friends. I talk to her a few times a day. Howie Pyro has become somewhat of an arrogant ass. The Student Teachers are opening up for Iggy at a few places. I can not believe that. They are reall going to go somewhere.

Oct 19th, 1979
I went to Club 57 to see the Only Ones and the Student Teachers. I had an ok time. Howie was there and I did not even say a word to him. No one really was there. I was hoping that Jimmy Destri would bring the rest of Blondie to the show with him but he didn't. I guess Billy really did go to Connecticut. I wonder why Howie did not have his harem with him. Walter Lure was there last night and I think he was with a girl. He got his hair cut but of course he looked cute anyway. Eilene Polk was there last night and she got her hair cut short and she looks really mod now. I got my hair but and it is so fucked up but I wanted it done. Well at least hair grows out.

Oct 22nd, 1979
I spoke to Billy and I got some things straightened out. He was semi-nice. He said the Blessed are really busy this week so he might not be able to give me my films. We did speak awhile. I would like for us to stay friends but with him it seems so impossible. Hopefully we will speak again this week. I really miss having fun times with him and laughing. I guess times will only tell.

Oct 26th, 1979
I am so furious. I am ready to move back home. Geri is so boring and she never wants to go anywhere. I don't even want to move with her anywhere after the loft is done. I wanted a roommate that I could go out with but she never wants to go anywhere. It is Friday night and she goes to bed at 9:30. I wanted to go to Club 57. I could have gone alone but I don't like coming alone at night. This area is so disgusting and this homeless guy is always in our doorstep. Why does this have to be right off the Bowery. We are supposed to get a dog tomorrow and then I just want to go out alone for the day. I finally move to NYC and it seems more boring than NJ. Joody is supposed to go to Gildersleeves tonight to see Harlow. Hopefully she will call. I am dying for a cigarette. So I have no idea what I was writing because some people just came over to visit for awhile. I am so glad. I feel so much better. I am sure that Geri is pissed because we probably kept her up. But it is a Friday night and it is my apartment too. The world does not end at 9:30 at night.

Ocy 27th, 1979
I got a dog today. She is some kind of a collie mix and her name is Eva. Geri & I went to the movies and saw "Lolita" and "Some like it hot". Both movies were so good. I think I am going to join the membership since it is $15.00 for the year and the movies are half price so instead of $4.00 it is $2.00. They get such good movies there. After we went to Max's and saw Voodoo Shoes and Cellmates. But we had to leave early because Geri wanted to. Billy, Walter, & Brad were there. I know Billy saw me and he did not even say hello. He disappeared for awhile and left. I find it very nervy of Billy not even to come say hello. I should say fuck the Blessed and forget that they ever even existed. I would be much better off. They have been showing videos at Max's so I saw last night Bowie, Blondie, & Sid. I was so good. The Blessed are in a movie that's being shown at Max's & I really haven't decided whether or not to go to it. I feel Billy is just treating me like crap. Not sure what it is with some bands. They are all on ego trips and for no reason. But the Ramones are nothing like that. Johnny is so sweet and he knows how to appreciate his fans but some of the other NYC bands are so horrible. I think it is because they hang in the clubs so much and people treat them really good so they think they are rock stars but they are not. Some of these people really think they are on a higher level because they are in a band. Bands would be no where without fans. No one would go see them or buy their records or wear their buttons. The Ramones are so different and not stuck up at all. I think Joey would be doing alot better without Linda and would also be alot nicer but...I think Arturo is such a dream.

One time JoVan and I were going to write a book on groupies. The dedication for the book was going to be:
The Fans who care,
The Groupies who dare,
the bands on the stage,
& the boys of young age.

Isn't that great. I thought of it. so JoVan thought of a great name for a fanzine - Stray Cat News. That would also be a great name for a book but I would like to title it The Groupie Book" Proud to be a Groupie. I would like to interview groupies and even how Rock Stars felt about groupies. Have lots of pictures. Info on how to get a rock star and all that good stuff. I bet the book would sell if it was a really good groupie book. I would even include the words to songs that had to do with groupies. I think I will get another diary and just put all of my thoughts in it for the book.