Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Heartbreakers at Max's

Aug 3rd, 1979

I went to Max's to see the Heartbreakers. Before that I went to see Rock n Roll High School with the amazing Ramones. It was so great - I saw through it 3 times in a row. I could not get enough of it. I also saw Frankie LaRocka in the movies. So after it was over we talked for alittle while. God he is such a sweetheart. Max's was such an f'd up night. All the Blessed were there but had some attitude. I found out that Marina never was with Billy after all. But that is only according to Billy so who knows. I gave Howie Pyro a pair of rosary beads. Billy was really drunk which was quite funny. After Max's we went to some after hours club called the Nursery but it was so boring there. The Fire Dept came and made us all leave, I guess too many people in the club or something like that. Oh I also saw Tommy Trask outside of Max's. He gave me a little wave but all I did was glare at him.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Joy Avis

July 29th, 1979

Went to Max's to see joy Avis & the Avis Davis Band. It was kind of boring. I saw Jerry Voidoid with some sleezy girl. He gave me such a nasty look when he walked into Max's. I ran into Marina later on at CBGB's. She said that Howie Pyro asked her to spend the night with him but she passed out. I can not believe that he would like Marina, I think he is lying. I also found out that she was with Billy Stark in the Mudd Club bathroom. I guess Marina really is a Blessed girl. She is going away to Europe for 1 month and I sure as hell hope that she does not come back.