Sunday, April 26, 2009

Helping for the Blessed Party

June 12th, 1979
Went into Eileen Polk's to help with the party for the Blessed but unfortunately I did not help too much. Marina & Patricia were there. I can not decide if I hate them or not but I think I do. Hal was there who is this 17 year old queen & he is so cute. I think one day he will be quite famous. He is the prettiest boy I have ever known. He's very Bowie-ish. Rick was also there. I wish I had gotten to speak with Billy but I didn't. It has been so long since I have seen him. I heard that Howie is seeing someone but I do not know who. Maybe just a rumor.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Trip to the Mudd Club

June 8th, 1979

I went to the Mudd Club to see Sylvain's new band. Buzzy Verno & Johnny Rao are in the band & it was so good to see them on stage again. Most of the Johansen Band was there. I spoke to Tommy Trask alittle. It was also so good to see Bernie the roadie. He is one of the nicest roadies that there are as far as roadies go. I saw Howie Pyro there but only spoke to him for a few minutes. Anyway - I think the Mudd Club is the absolute pits. I even thought that it was worse than Hurrah's. God only knows what the big attraction is to that place. Just a bunch of jerks go there . Most used to go to Max's or they are just now catching a new wave.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Richard Hell Encounter

June 6th, 1979

I went to see Susan Springfield's new band Desire. They were really good. Richard Hell was there. He waved & said Hi. What a cheap thrill. We spoke with Susan alot. She is so sweet. Her style has really changed.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Heartbreakers on Film

June 2nd, 1979

Went to see the Hearbreakers at Maxs again. I love then I get to see them 2 or 3 nights in a row. They were as great as always. They were filming the show. Don't ask me how but I snuck up front and got right underneath Walter Lure. So Kim & I got on film. That's kind of embaressing. Well Jerry Voidoid was there so I got up the nerve & went up and talked to him about why he is not with the Voidoids anymore. We only talked for alittle while. I hope he does not hate me but I was really interested in what he is doing now. He told me he is a guitar player and a singer and he wants to start his own band. I will definetly go to see them. He told me he is recording with some friends now. I kind of feel bad that he is not with the Voidoids anymore. Oh well. I saw Howie Pyro there but only for a minute. Billy Stark was not there. I wonder where he was this weekend. Stiv Bators was there. Poor JoVan missed him.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An Encounter with Jerry Nolan

June 1st, 1979

I went to see the Heartbreakers at Max's. They did a really great show. I saw Brad from the Blessed but no Billy or Howie. And I saw Jerry Voidoid there. I hadn't seen him in so long. So after Max's we went to the Gramercy Park Diner. First Johnny Thunders came running in. He was so cute and pretty straight. Then Jerry Nolan came in and sat in the booth behind us. So when he left, Joon stole his napkin, some of his toast, and some of his french fries. The french fries are for souvenirs to send to people but we are all keeping a piece of his napkin and toast. Such strange souvenirs.