Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Trip to the Mudd Club

June 8th, 1979

I went to the Mudd Club to see Sylvain's new band. Buzzy Verno & Johnny Rao are in the band & it was so good to see them on stage again. Most of the Johansen Band was there. I spoke to Tommy Trask alittle. It was also so good to see Bernie the roadie. He is one of the nicest roadies that there are as far as roadies go. I saw Howie Pyro there but only spoke to him for a few minutes. Anyway - I think the Mudd Club is the absolute pits. I even thought that it was worse than Hurrah's. God only knows what the big attraction is to that place. Just a bunch of jerks go there . Most used to go to Max's or they are just now catching a new wave.


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