Monday, April 26, 2010

In Search of the Blessed

Sept 1st, 1979

Me, Regina, Cathy, & Mary Ann set out to find the Blessed tonight. First we went and hung out at the Buzzcocks all night. No one was there. Then we went over the Max's and watched the Victims. Walter Lure was there and went on stage and jammed. He was so wild up there. So then we went to the Mudd Club & does that place suck. No Blessed there either. I would love to know where Billy went this weekend. I saw Jimmy Destri. Big deal. John Holstrom was there. I told him I didn't like the way he did the Blondie membership cards for the fan club. I can not believe I did not see Billy or Howie anywhere all night. I would love to know where they were.


Monday, April 19, 2010

A Night at Club 57

August 31st, 1979

I went to see the Gang of Four, The The, and The Buzzcocks at Club 57. Clem Burke was there from Blondie and said Hi. Howie Pyro was there and I spoke to him for the first time in so long. We just talked about why did not talk for so long so it was good to clear the air. After we all went over to where Howie lives. He showed me some really good Bowie stuff and old Blessed stuff. There was this old interview where Billy said all of the Blessed groupies were ugly. How rude of him but it was a really old interview. I told Howie how obnoxious that was of Billy to say and Howie said that all groupies were ugly. They have really been after me to get the fan club going. I just don't know what to do for it. I think I'll call Eileen this week and get together with her to work on the fan club.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Neon Leon at Max's

August 30th, 1979

I went to Max's to see Neon Leon and the Boyfriends but I really didn't watch the bands. First we hung out downstairs for awhile and Richard Hell was there. We spoke to him for quite a bit. He seemed kind of f'd up to me. I couldn't even understand half the stuff that he was saying. The we went upstairs awhile and spoke with Buzzy. The I went back downstairs and saw Billy and he was eating with his 2 friends so I hung out with them for awhile. He made some obnoxious comments that kind of pissed me off. He said he might go to the Buzzcocks tomorrow night. The this girl was there who I can not stand. I mean a real jerk with a capital J. DeeDee Ramone was also there with his wife.