Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Wayne County

Sept 30th, 1979

Oh what a night. I went to see Wayne County at Max's. Billy has a 14 year old girlfriend with braces. I think that she things of Billy as some big Rock Star. To top it off, Mary Ann was talking to them both all night, and probably about me. So now me & Billy do not get along too well all because of Mary Ann. Well, Sue, the other Judy, and me plan on getting revenge on Mary Ann. And I will if it is the last thing I do. I found out that Billy and Brad will be playing at Ivan's birthday party at Max's on Oct 20th. Billy will be singing "Stray Cat Blues" which is one of my absolute favorites and they may also do "Dead Flowers".


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too Much Drama

Sept 29th, 1979

I went to Max's and saw Wayne County and the Rattlers. I went up front for Wayne's 2nd set and she was so good. But overall, it was the most horrible night. All of the Blessed were there. Me & Mary Ann are in this big fight so she was a complete bitch. Billy came into Max's and then went over to me and spoke for a few minutes and then went over to Howie and I did not see him for the rest of the night. And he left with this real sleezy blonde who is a waitress there. He saw me and did not even say goodbye and I am thinking of honestly never going to another Blessed show. I don't even want to go and see Wayne County for the 2nd night but the drummer owes me some money and he put me on the guess list for tonight.

I really hope that Billy is not there. If he is I will not even talk to him. I know Mary Ann told Howie & Billy about our fight and maybe that is why Howie is being such a complete f'ing snob. I can not believe what a c_nt Mary Ann turned out to be.

Jo Van and Bobby Ebz went with us and they were so awful and gross going home. So completely f 'ed up on drugs I think. I also found out that Tommy Trask said he was glad I did not go to their shows anymore and was glad I did not stand up front. I wonder if it is true that he would say that since I was such a good fan. What an f'ing c_nt. This past week just seems like one slap in the face after the next.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Blondie's Video Taping

Sept 27th, 1979

I won these tickets from WPIX to go & be on Top of the Pops where Blondie was being filmed for some of their videos. It was all so random. I was at my friend's house and we had on the radio and they announced they were giving away free tickets. I could not believe it so I called and won. When we got there, the line was so long to get in and I don't even think you needed tickets. I saw the Student Teachers there also.

The whole thing was so monotonous. As much as I love Blondie, I only stayed for half of it which was hours. They did each song at least 5 times and it took so long because the band was so f*ck'ed up and they were doing all kinds of other songs and really goofing off. I spoke to Nigel alot there and he was so sweet.

After we left we went to Max's. They had some crap they were saluting in NYC. Wayne County played but we didn't even stay long enough. I had heard that Billy had come but he didn't want to come upstairs. But then later on we were hanging out with some kid Charlie outside and Billy came by. Boy has he changed. All he cared about was finding something to get high on and then as soon as he found it, he took off. I feel as if I do not even know him anymore. I don't think I even want to go to anymore Blessed shows. Max's just got me so sick last night. It was so boring. I guess it is time to find something a bit more exciting to do.

I found out that MaryAnn was really f*cking me over so I wrote her a letter telling her off. I have a feeling she called Billy and told him. I can see the 2 of them becoming best friends because of their new common interests and I will probably be treated like such crap. Just let her say one thing to Billy about me or if she turns him against me in any way, I will f*ck her over with Howie so much.