Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too Much Drama

Sept 29th, 1979

I went to Max's and saw Wayne County and the Rattlers. I went up front for Wayne's 2nd set and she was so good. But overall, it was the most horrible night. All of the Blessed were there. Me & Mary Ann are in this big fight so she was a complete bitch. Billy came into Max's and then went over to me and spoke for a few minutes and then went over to Howie and I did not see him for the rest of the night. And he left with this real sleezy blonde who is a waitress there. He saw me and did not even say goodbye and I am thinking of honestly never going to another Blessed show. I don't even want to go and see Wayne County for the 2nd night but the drummer owes me some money and he put me on the guess list for tonight.

I really hope that Billy is not there. If he is I will not even talk to him. I know Mary Ann told Howie & Billy about our fight and maybe that is why Howie is being such a complete f'ing snob. I can not believe what a c_nt Mary Ann turned out to be.

Jo Van and Bobby Ebz went with us and they were so awful and gross going home. So completely f 'ed up on drugs I think. I also found out that Tommy Trask said he was glad I did not go to their shows anymore and was glad I did not stand up front. I wonder if it is true that he would say that since I was such a good fan. What an f'ing c_nt. This past week just seems like one slap in the face after the next.


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