Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bernie the Roadie

Feb 24th, 1979
Went to see the David Johansen Band again at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park. It is great that I have gotten to see them 3 nights in a row. So a really weird thing happened. All along I thought that this one roadie hated me alot because he was always laughing at me. Well we began to talk and he told me that the first time he saw me, he thought I looked cool and he knew that we would be friends. So he told me that he would put me on the guest list for My Father's Place on Long Island. But I told him I could not take the chance & I would get tickets anyway but he did say that he would reserve me a table. Then we spoke about me going up to see the band in Boston but I know that is out of the question.

Tomorrow I have to go to ticketron and pray that I can get tickets to see David Jo. Of course I will try to get tickets for both shows. I think the roadie's name is Bernie. I really like him. I just can not believe how nice he is and all along he never hated me like I thought he did. He is only 19. The only bad thing about him is that his favorite band is Cheap Trick but that's ok. I won't hold that too much against him.

So it will be funny if we go out to My Father's Place since M is going to see Peter the Tour Manager and I want to see the roadie. I don't think I even like Tommy Trask anymore. She brought a girl last night and she was not pretty at all. He is more looks that personality anyway. And by the last song I did not even have 1 guitar but with the encores I wound up with 5.

I am back at college and I am so depressed. I can not stand the people here. There is absolutely no one that I can become friends with.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

More David Johansen Band....

Feb 23rd, 1979
I went again to see the David Johansen Band but this time down to Asbury Park NJ to a place call The Fast Lane. I stayed down the shore for the weekend since they are also playing there tomorrow night. The show was pretty good and I spoke with Tommy alittle bit. I got a few guitar pics. I do not like The Fast Lane at all. The crowd was really lousy.


Monday, November 17, 2008

An Encounter with Legs McNeil

Feb 22nd, 1979
Went to see the David Johansen Band & Shrapnel at The Place in NJ. It was just a strange night. Legs McNeil was there since I think he is the Manager or something like that for Shrapnel. He was attacking MaryEllen the whole night. For some reason, he would just not leave her alone. Then after we went to Howard Johnson's to get something to eat and he came there with the band. He came over & sat with us & made such a scene in there. He was screaming & throwing his food. I spoke with Tommy Trask a little.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Richard Hell Encounter

Feb 17th, 1979
I was supposed to go see the Clash but things got so screwed up. So I went and saw the Erasers & Necessaries instead at Max's. It was just a very strange night. Robert Gordon went on stage and did a set. Richard Hell was there of course to see his girlfriend Susan Springfield who is in the Erasers. I went up and spoke to Richard like a jerk. I saw Jerry Voidoid there with his girlfriend. We went upstairs after the show and Susan & Richard were making out but we stayed anyway until we could talk to them a little bit. I must say that Richard Hell looked really good. All in all, I had a good time.


Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Nights of Johnny Thunders

Feb 8th, 1979
Went to see Johnny Thunders at Max's. Neon Leon also played.

Feb 9th, 1979
Saw Johnny Thunders & the Student Teachers at Max's. I stayed over at Kim's. She talked about Walter Lure all night.

Feb 10th, 1979
Went to see Johnny Thunders at Max's. I spoked with Howie and he was fired from all of his jobs. He sounded so depressed. So I think they were filming or recording all of the Heartbreakers show for some live album. I got to sit up close all 3 of the nights. Johnny was picking on Walter so much again while they were on stage. It really was so funny, comments about Walter going to Fire Island. Walter doesn't care. He is always just rolling his eyes at Johnny.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad night for guitar pics...

Feb 3rd, 1979

Went to see the David Johansen Band at Alexander's. It was the first time I had ever gone there. It was some club in south Jersey. It was a nightmare. I thought that Tommy Trask was a real snob. I only was able to get 4 guitar pics because all these other people were grabbing them. It was so unfair. I got drunk so I screamed for everyone else in the band. Johnny Rao was really good last night. His pants kept on unsnapping while he was playing. I think that Tommy is mad because I wear a button of Howie and not of him.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Sid Vicious (May 10, 1957 - Feb 2, 1979)

Feb 2nd, 1979
I woke up today and it was on the news that Sid Vicious died. It's so sad. They said something about this girl Michelle on the news, the same Michelle that I had met at Eileen's house. They said he committed suicide from an overdose of drugs. Poor Sid, at least he is finally with Nancy.

I went to see the David Johansen Band at the Red Foxx Inn. It really was a shitty day. First I went to the mall to get my hair cut and I forgot to turn the lights off in my car and my car died. Finally I got it jumped. When I got to the Red Foxx Inn I saw Marie thank God! I spoke with Tommy Trask & Frankie La Rocka alot that night. I was wearing my button of Howie Pyro and Tommy goes, "I can't believe you are wearing a button of Howie, why aren't you wearing one of me?" I told him because I did not have a good picture of him. Well you know the old saying, Boys will be Boys.