Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Nights of Johnny Thunders

Feb 8th, 1979
Went to see Johnny Thunders at Max's. Neon Leon also played.

Feb 9th, 1979
Saw Johnny Thunders & the Student Teachers at Max's. I stayed over at Kim's. She talked about Walter Lure all night.

Feb 10th, 1979
Went to see Johnny Thunders at Max's. I spoked with Howie and he was fired from all of his jobs. He sounded so depressed. So I think they were filming or recording all of the Heartbreakers show for some live album. I got to sit up close all 3 of the nights. Johnny was picking on Walter so much again while they were on stage. It really was so funny, comments about Walter going to Fire Island. Walter doesn't care. He is always just rolling his eyes at Johnny.


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