Monday, November 3, 2008

Sid Vicious (May 10, 1957 - Feb 2, 1979)

Feb 2nd, 1979
I woke up today and it was on the news that Sid Vicious died. It's so sad. They said something about this girl Michelle on the news, the same Michelle that I had met at Eileen's house. They said he committed suicide from an overdose of drugs. Poor Sid, at least he is finally with Nancy.

I went to see the David Johansen Band at the Red Foxx Inn. It really was a shitty day. First I went to the mall to get my hair cut and I forgot to turn the lights off in my car and my car died. Finally I got it jumped. When I got to the Red Foxx Inn I saw Marie thank God! I spoke with Tommy Trask & Frankie La Rocka alot that night. I was wearing my button of Howie Pyro and Tommy goes, "I can't believe you are wearing a button of Howie, why aren't you wearing one of me?" I told him because I did not have a good picture of him. Well you know the old saying, Boys will be Boys.


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