Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just another night at Hurrah

Feb 1st, 1979
Went to Hurrah to see the Only Ones and the Invaders. The Only Ones were pretty boring. Nigel, Frank, & Clem were there from Blondie and I think they all acted kind of snotty to me. They don't appreciate what a good fan I am. Johnny Thunders was there. It was so great to see him but he was kind of f'd up, as always. Eileen Polk was there and we made arrangements to get together on Saturday. I am going to go over to her house and we are going to work on the Blessed Fan Club and start to plan for this big upcoming show at the Mudd Club. Howie Pyro was also at Hurrah with some guy from the Misfits. Howie was really nice that night.



Anonymous said...

Just the years have rolled by, have you revised your opinion of the Only Ones at all?

JLP Originals said...

You know, not sure I ever even thought about them after I went to their shows. I probably have not listened to them since the late 70's.