Monday, October 13, 2008

The Stolen Letter

Jan 26th, 1979
We went to see Johnny Thunders at Max's. What can I say except he is practically dying. He was in such sad shape. He was beyond F'up up and was stumbling so bad around the stage. You could just tell from the look in his eyes. He screwed up alot of the songs but it was still great to see him.

One good thing is that Nigel, Frank, & Clem were there from Blondie. I got to talk to them all and they were really nice. I was so surprised that when Clem said to me "I was so surprised to see you in Phili". I didn't even think he knew who I was. I guess if all of them knew that I was in Phili, then Debby Harry did also. Howie Pyro & Billy Stark were there also & I got to talk to both of them also. Eileen was pretty nice also.

One bad thing that happened was that I wrote Joon this 10 page letter & I think that someone stole it. That is enough to make me never go into NYC again. I had some intense stuff in that letter but I don't think anything too incriminating. Besides, my letter begins really boring so maybe who every stole it will just get bored & throw it away. Johnny Thunders is playing again tomorrow night so I think we will probably go again.


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