Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to CBGB's...

Jan 28th, 1979
We went to CBGB's to see Music Industry Casualties with Cheetah Chrome. This is the first ime I have been to CB's in so long. Unfortunately, one of the people that came with us was so F'd up that we had to leave after the first set. But I did not care since CBGB's was so dead anyway. Cheetah Chrome's band was really good though and I really liked the keyboard player. I loved the way that he moved while he played. I found out the Richard Hell & the Voidoids finally recorded another single and they will be putting out an album soon. But they won't be back until the end of February and I am going to miss seeing them so much.

I have changed my list of Top 10 people for now and I am putting Nigel Harrison on and knocking off Mick Jones. But my list is just changed for now. I do seem to change so easily with how I feel about rock people. They are just so much for fascinating than ordinary people. I can't wait to see Nigel on the stage again & Thomas Trask also. They are two of my favorite guitar players on stage but I can't wait to see Howie Pyro again either. He is still of course on my list.



johnhath said...

i love your blog - reading about these shows is so entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to share these great memories.