Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blessed are the Children....

Sept 19th, 1979

I spoke to Billy on the phone. He said he did not get my letter yet but I think he was lying. We only spoke for about 10 minutes because I had to get off. So I found out where Billy was last Monday when we could not find him and he was with Brad. I also found out that Mary Ann called Billy to get Howie's phone number. Billy told her I was really drunk on Saturday and was funny but he said I was acting kind of snotty. Anyway - I will see Billy tomorrow because Me & Mary Ann are going into the city to go shopping and Billy is going to meet us and he said he would give me my movies back.

"Would you belive me if I crawled in front of you and died,
Well on you I can depend to help bring my life to an end."
- Blessed (from "Trust Me")


Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Ramones...

Sept 18th, 1979

I went to see the Ramones at some club in NJ called Mothers. It was the absolute pits. Johnny was so funny. I embaressed him really bad screaming for him but he stepped on my finger once. It was also Dee Dee's birthday. The Ramones did some new stuff which was good of course.

I have had this horrible infatuation with the Rolling Stones lately. That is all that I ever play on my turntable. Always playing the Dead Flowers album. It is nice to listen to with all the lights out in my room and just lay there and listen to it play over and over. I also borrowed this really cute little Stones button that I wear all the time now.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dead Flowers...

Sept 17th, 1979

I spoke to Billy. I wanted him to meet us at Max's to give me back my films. Well he said he was not giving back the films so I did not make any plans to get together. So we went into NYC looking for some excitement. First we went to Madison Square Garden and hung out at The Who's limo waiting for them but it got boring so we left. Then we went to Studio 54 because Jay wanted to use the bathroom but they told her is was closed and she could not go in. So we wound up seeing Albert King at the Lone Star. I actually saw the Richard Hell roadie there which was kind of a surprise. We thought maybe Mick Jagger would be there but he wasn't. It seems whenever I go into NYC with no plans, I have so much fun. I mailed a letter to Billy yesterday and it was a good one. I sent him dead flowers in it. I also wrote in the letter that he should stay away from drugs. I think it was the nicest letter I ever sent him.