Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Worst Day of My Life............

Jan 21st, 1979
What can I saw about the worst day of my life. I went to see Blondie at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. They opened up for this horrible band called Rush that attracted a bunch of hippies. I went alone to the concert since no one else wanted to go. I wish I knew other Blondie fans that liked them as much as I did but I was not going to miss a Blondie show. It was raining out and my car broke down on the way to the concert. I was in the middle of no where but some man stopped and fixed it for me. They I had to wait on line to get into the show with a million other hippies. The floor was not reserved and there were no seats so if you wanted to be a up front, you had to be online early. So when I finally got in & I made it up front but right behind a bunch of guys who were so disqusting. You think they would have let me in front of them just for Blondie playing but they would not give up their spot against the stage. Anyway - it was so awful. People were booing Blondie and throwing things at them. People were hitting me so would stop dancing. I finally left during the show since I could not take it anymore. So I waited at the Hilton for 2 1/2 hours and then found out that Blondie wasn't staying there. Usually all the bands stay at the Hilton right next to the Spectrum but I guess that they decided to stay somewhere else. What a sick day. I never felt so suicidal in my life. I felt very numb in body & mind. Someone could have really physically hurt me and I don't think I would have felt it.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nightmare. Strange how back then many of the so called ‘New Wave’ bands ended up on tour or supporting the old rock dinosaurs or FM groups of the time.
Take solace in the fact that the world remembers Blondie a lot more than they remember Rush!