Friday, October 17, 2008

The Most Devoted Blondie Fan...

Jan 27th, 1979
What a wild night. I don't even know where to begin. I went to see Johnny Thunders again at Max's. Thank God he was not so f'd up. I filmed him during the first set. Too bad my camera does not have any sound but at least I can see him moving. They cleared out Max's in between the first and second set so I went downstairs to hand out in a booth. So as I was leaving I saw Tommy Trask in a booth in the back. So I was pushing these people to leave & I didn't even realize who I was pushing & then I saw it was Clem Burke from Blondie. I felt so dumb so I went & told Howie how dumb I felt and he said not to worry because the night before Clem said he liked me and & I was such a huge Blondie fan.

So then I went back in for the second set of Johnny Thunders and was just hanging in the back. Tommy Trask walked by & he was really nice. Then Franke Infante walked by and said hi. And the Nigel Harrison, my new absolute favorite, walked by and he gave me a big hug & kissed me. So later on we talked through almost the entire set of Johnny Thunders. He told me so much Blondie dirt that it was wild. He was so nice and whenever he told me something he put his arm around me and held me real close. The best part about it was that it looked like we were really good friends. I could not believe how nice Nigel was. They are supposed to be playing in Feb & I can't wait. I think that if I didn't get tickets, I would get in for free. I bet they all think that I'm the most devoted or one of the most devoted Blondie fans.


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