Monday, April 6, 2009

Heartbreakers on Film

June 2nd, 1979

Went to see the Hearbreakers at Maxs again. I love then I get to see them 2 or 3 nights in a row. They were as great as always. They were filming the show. Don't ask me how but I snuck up front and got right underneath Walter Lure. So Kim & I got on film. That's kind of embaressing. Well Jerry Voidoid was there so I got up the nerve & went up and talked to him about why he is not with the Voidoids anymore. We only talked for alittle while. I hope he does not hate me but I was really interested in what he is doing now. He told me he is a guitar player and a singer and he wants to start his own band. I will definetly go to see them. He told me he is recording with some friends now. I kind of feel bad that he is not with the Voidoids anymore. Oh well. I saw Howie Pyro there but only for a minute. Billy Stark was not there. I wonder where he was this weekend. Stiv Bators was there. Poor JoVan missed him.


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