Sunday, January 18, 2009

And Still More Ramones....

April 8th, 1979
Went to see the Ramones at the Red Foxx Inn. It was so good to see Johnny Ramone again. I got 6 guitar pics. Kind of made me feel it was like watching Tommy Trask all over again. The Ramones guitar pics are nice though because their name is on them. I am collecting all of the pics in a jar. Dee posed for a photo and so did Johnny. I also took some pics of Johnny on stage. I hope they came out ok. I hate the Red Foxx Inn. The place is good though because it is only 15 minutes from my house. But they had all these hippie guys trying to keep all the kids away from the stage.

I heard that David Johansen fired Ronny, Johnny Rao, & Buzzy Verno from the band. I can't even imagine seeing other people in the band. It will be so sad when I go even though I was not too friendly with any of them. I got really used to them though. Oh well.


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