Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hail True Love !

April 16th, 1979

Oh Hail True Love! I saw the Blessed play last night at Max's. Donna Destri also played. The Blessed were so good but they only did 1 set which sucked. Some famous photographer was there, Scavulo. He is going to put Howie Pyro in his book and the only Rock Stars that will be in it are Bowie, Jagger, Lou Reed, & Howie. Can you believe it? I always knew that the Blessed would be famous some day. Especially Howie - He is such a Rock Star.

Tommy Trask was there. He actually walked by and said hello. I asked him if it was true that Buzzy & Johnny Rao were going to get fired and he said that nothing was definite but they are not recording with them. Mick Ronson is instead. Tommy also said they will play in NJ when they are done. I can not wait.

Walter Lure was actually nice last night. While the Blessed were playing he was telling people to stand up and he looked at me and said "Come on and stand up Sweet Heart". I was so embaressed. Brad was also pretty nice. I am forever devoted to the Blessed. I would like to spend the rest of my life following them.

I've been so depressed at college because it is so horrible here. But I should be happy. I quit smoking everything really. I am so glad I gave up the cigs. I really do not want to smoke anymore.


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