Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday

April 1st, 1979
It's my birthday today and I am 21 years old. I remember when I thought people that were 21 were old and now I am one of them. I went to the Rock n Roll flea market in NYC. It was really good there. They had it at some hotel. The Blessed played. How perfect is that, the Blessed played on my 21st birthday. Of course it is by coincidence and not intentional but still pretty cool I think. And guess who was at the sound check, Tommy Trask. I was happy to see him there. At least he said goodbye when he left. Then after the Blessed played, the lights came on and Johnny & Joey Ramone were there. So Johnny said Hi to me. Maybe he remembered me from last night when we went to see them play. I screamed enough - he should remember me. I also saw some great David Bowie films at the flea market. They were from Ziggy Stardust. I also bought some good Bowie stuff - some 45 imports from Japan with really good picture sleeves & some concert photos. Over all - it was a great 21st birthday.


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