Friday, June 20, 2008

I belong to the Blank Generation....

Dec 8th, 1978
Went to see Richard Hell & the Voidoids and the Erasers at CBGB's. I spoke with Susan Springfield and she watched Richard's second set with me. Jerry has a girlfriend. Richard Hell spoke to me during the first set and during the second set he came over and starting choking me all because I called him Ricky Heck. Richie Lure is so cute from the Erasers. Clement Burke from Blondie was there. I think Richard hates me but I don't know why since I am such a good fan.

Dec 9th, 1978
What a crazy night. I went to see Richard Hell at CBGB's again. First we went to see Howie at Village Oldies. We talked all about the Blessed Fan Club. He liked my cross earring so much that we traded. I am wearing his doll hand. I gave him my address and phone number. Howie calls Jerry some really mean names. I don't like Jerry anymore anyway. Richard almost slapped me during the first set and he said "Fuck you" to me at the end of the second set. They go to England next week so they can go to hell. We heard that Richard Hell has a terminal disease. Susan sat with me again during the second set of Rochard. Susan Springfield reminds me so much of someone I know.

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