Saturday, June 7, 2008

Letter to Creem Magazine

Nov 28th, 1978

I mailed a letter into Creem Magazine today. It was my first letter to a magazine. It went something like this.

Just want to let all of you commercial idiots know the the Blessed are one of the best bands in New York. No one plays bass like Howie Pryo and he even cuts his own hair. Too bad Walter Lure wants his own band because he would fit in so great. Maybe Frank Infante should quit Blondie and join the Blessed or maybe just take a crash course to help his memory. And tell Ricky Heck to pick off his crabs before the show and not during.
A friend of the wide-eyed wonder
Somewhere in NJ

P.S. Deborah, you never ripped us to shreds in NYC
P.S.S. To those want to make music like the Cars (ugh): Go and suck it somewhere else.

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