Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Richard Hell....

Dec 1st, 1978

Went to The Place to see Richard Hell & the Voidoids. There were only like 25 people there. I gave Richard my Bay City Rollers button and some champagne. He was really nice. Jerry looked good but I did not talk to him at all. After we went into NYC into CBGB's and ran into some of the usual gang. We saw Johnny from Phili who was staying in NYC so we went back to his hotel. Ricky was there also. Here is his phone number so I don't lose it. 609-423- _ _ _ _.

Dec 2nd, 1978

Went to see Richard Hell & the Voidoids again at The Place. It was empty again. We wrote down the words to "Shattered" and gave them to Gerry to give to Richard but Richard never sang it. Gerry was really nice though. Richard was nice to us also. I don't think that Richard could believe that we were there again and wait until he sees us again in NYC. I can't wait. When I yelled out for "Shattered" he went to me "Don't you ever learn" and I said "No, I don't" and he said "We're all a bunch of dimwits". It was really great. I am always so focused on Richard that I never realized what a great band that he has. Ivan and Bob are so good on guitar.

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