Friday, June 27, 2008

Whipped Into a State of Deep Frenzy

Dec 13th, 1978
Went into the city to see Howie Pyro but he called in sick from his job. We went to Next and Manic Panic instead and just hand out there. I bought some crosses for the Blessed.

Dec 15th, 1978
Went to see the Blessed at Max's. I was in a weird mood all night, maybe because it was a full moon. I gave Howie all the crosses. He kicked me in the face during the first set by mistake. I carved Blessed and a cross in my arm last night. Billy Stark dedicated a song to the people in the charge of the fan club. They did "Flagellation Rock." It was there 1 year anniversary for playing so they had baloons and streamers. Everyone from the Blessed filled out interviews for the fan club. I still need pictures from Eileen, their Manager. Cheetah Chrome was at the show and so was Sid Vicious's mom. Richie Lure said Hi & Bye. Frank Infante from Blondie was also there. We didn't really talk. Howie Pyro goes to England on Jan 8th and he'll probably be gone for 3 weeks. I still have his hand earring. I still wear it although it is really ugly. I can't not stand that groupie Trixie.

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