Thursday, July 3, 2008

December Chatter.....

Dec 18th, 1978
Went to NYC and visiting Howie at East Village Oldies. We were going to give him a ride home and then to Hurrahs but things got screwed up. First of all - Ebz came in and of course J.B. got into trouble for being in NY with us since she wasn't supposed to be here. So she left with him. Camille wanted to leave around 10:30 so we did. Eileen Polk, the Blessed Manager came into the store for a little while. Howie said I can't do the fan club since I am really not a Blessed Fan but I know he was kidding. I hope they do play Boston. I love the Blessed so much that I would drive them to Boston. I can't wait to see Cheetah play at Max's on Thursday. I am supposed to go with J.B. but I bet something happens and she doesn't go. She is almost a hopeless case.

Dec 20th, 1978
Well J.B. made a choise. It was either Ebz or NYC and she picked Ebz. She is not going to NYC anymore including going to Cheetah tomorrow night. And she's not doing the Blessed Fan Club anymore. I can't believe it! Well at least I am the only Fan Club President now. I doubt she will even move to NYC with me in May. I can't believe this. I think its just temporary and she will come around. But if not, its too much to handle. How could anyone ever give up NYC for anyone. She should be allowed both. I slept over J.S's house last night and we did alot of slams. I also left a message for Richard Hell and Susan Springfield on their answering machine. I screamed into it "Ricky Heck - Do Shattered" a few times. Susan will probably erase it before he hears it. Richard would die if he heard it. I thought it was so funny.

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