Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rumors That Were Never True

Dec 21st, 1978
Went to see Cheetah Chrome at Max's. First we went to visit Howie Pyro at his store. I told him about her leaving NYC for Ebz and he could not believe it. We drove Howie & Eileen Polk to Max'.s Eileen gave us alot of posters of the Blessed. She said I also have to come over and get photos. It is very hard to believe but Eileen is actually turning out to be really nice instead of the bitch that I thought that she was. I jjst found out last night that this girl Ellen is marrying Nick Berlin who used to be with the Blessed because she is pregnant. Wonders never cease. He just turned 16. (This was the rumor that I found out many years later was not true)


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