Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stealing the Marquee

Nov 28th, 1978
Went to The Place in Dover to see The Invaders. We met Fin the drummer who turns out to be a real snob. I became friends with Lisa who I think is going out with one of them. We exchanged phone numbers. The best part of the night is that we climbed on the marquee of The Place and stole Richard Hell's name. They are playing next week. I took the Hell and J.S. took the Richard. I have my top favorite 3. Howie Pyro from The Blessed, Walter Lure from the Heartbreakers that is soon to have his own band, and Jerry from Richard Hell and the Voidoids.
"Love comes in spurts, Oh no it hurts" by Richard Hell

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Alida Cornelius said...

Isn't it funny how musicians always attract people when they are young...sort of like people who like celebrity stuff.

My roommate was a groupie. She always went after the lead singer in a club where she worked.

Before KISS was really famous, they played in the club....she couldn't figure out why Gene Simmons wouldn't pay any attention to her. She usually got the attention of the bands, being sort of a knockout.

So, one of the roadies told her the band was gay, so she would leave them alone.

I thought that was so funny.

Personally, I had many friends in bands, but because so many girls threw themselves at them, I made the decision not to ever get involved with a musician.

Sounds like you had fun. Oh those wild groupie days. I don't think it's changed. I like your blog.