Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Years Eve...Welcome in 1979

Dec 31st, 1978
Went into NYC for New Years Eve. We really had no plans at all. We went to Max's but it was too early. So we walked over to the Palladium and the David Johansen Band was playing. We ran into one of the Heartbreakers roadies that we knew and he gave us free tickets into the show. I was able to get to the front of the stage and Thomas & Syl saw us. After that we went to Max's and they were sold out. Thank God because we saw a flyer that said the Senders and Johnny Thunders new band were playing at this place called Studio 10. Jerry Nolan and Authur Kane were in the band with him. So we went there and it was great. The sound was so awful and Johnny Thunders was so F'd up. Walter Lure was there and we saw Howie at the end of the night. They had gone to the Mudd Club to see the Cramps. We were going to go there but I am so glad that we didn't. All in all the night turned out to be really great and as it turned out, we got to see all of the New York Dolls between David Jo at the Palladium and Johnny Thunders at Studio 10. Happy New Years! Let 1979 bring in fame & fortune!


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