Monday, June 29, 2009

The Blessed at MAX'S

June 30th, 1979

I went to see the Blessed at Max's. I can honestly say I think I enjoyed this show the most.It was a very relaxed atmosphere and the show was so good. I really mad at Howie Pyro but not anymore. was actually kind of sweet last night. I had planned to go to England in September to stay with a penpal and Howie is going at the same time. At least that is one way of assuring that I don't miss any Blessed shows.

Billy Stark was also super nice. He gave me his address because I have to send him a fan letter a penpal of mine wrote him. I could have killed Billy because he said Manhatten during a song and he knows how much I hated that movie and he loved it. So during the secong set I put up a sign for Grease since he hated that movie so much I loved it. I sat through Grease 5 times on 1 weekend. One day I sat through 3 showings and the next day 2 showings. I love it so much. Billy said he was laughing all during the first song when he saw my Grease sign.

I met a penpal of mine from South Carolina - Aldyth. It was really weird to meet her. She is a Bowie penpal but she is really in love with Howie Pyro. I am not too sure that she likes me too much. I was really possessive of the Blessed. I can't help it - I love them so much. Howie has really improved on the stage, I can not believe how much better he has gotten. And I finally got a guitar pic from him since he never has any.

Billy told me something so depressing. He told me the Blessed broke up 2 weeks ago and Howie was kicked out the band. So Billy said he would commit suicide since he could never play in another band. He didn't tell me the whole story but he said he will. God - If there were never any more Blessed I would die.


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