Monday, January 31, 2011

And on and on and on....

Oct 16th, 1979

I think Billy and I are in war. I called him and demanded my films back. I told him we could just meet somewhere but he is going to Connecticut for a week. I told him he should just stay there. So I told him he could give them to be next week but he said if he had time and I said he could take 5 minutes out of his day and meet me. He said we would discuss it next week. That bastard better put me on the guest list for the show for next week so I hope we make up by then. I went to Haydens Planetarium in the afternoon. I love it so much there. I almost invited Billy to go but I didn't. I just want us to get along and be friends. Why does that lately seem so hard? He should just keep his mouth shut once in awhile and think before he talks. And he has to get off of that ego trip he is on.


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