Monday, April 21, 2008

Rest of the Summer & into Fall 1978

July 19th, 1978
Went to a club in New Brunswick, NJ called the Red Fox Inn. It was a local club that alot of NY bands played as well as local bands. As it turned out, everyone knew each other that I had met from the past 2 weeks so it was alot of fun to hang out with all of them.

August ??, 1978
Went into CBGB's . It was really dead so 57 let us in for free. This group called The Police were playing. They were so boring. No one was there. We left while they were still performing.

Sept 1st, 1978
Went to CBGB's. After when we were hanging outside, Sid Vicious and Nancy pulled up in a cab. They were on the other side of the street but pretty drunk. Nancy fell down crossing Bowery. It was so wild to see them. Also found out that Steven Tyler is marrying Cyrinda Foxe.

Sept 28th, 1978
Went to see Sid Vicious at Max's. He played with Authur Kane, Jerry Nolan, and Steve Dior. I was so afraid to see him. Did not know what he would do but I got up pretty close. Nancy was there and stood the entire time at the side of the stage. I wish I went to the other shows to see him.

Sept ??, 1978
Went to see Talking Heads at the pub at Trenton State College. They were really good, a different type of sound.

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