Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Dead Boys Show - Summer 1978

July 15th, 1978
I decided to venture to my first Punk Rock show in the US. I could not get anyone to go with me as my Bowie friends were pretty much turned off by punk rock so I decided to go alone. The Dead Boys and Steep Tips were playing at the Showplace in Dover NJ. All of the clubs advertised in the Aquarium Newspaper. I left pretty early since I had no idea where I was going. When I got there, there was only 1 other car in the parking lot with someone else in it. There were a few other empty cars also so I went into the club but during the day it was a Go Go bar and it was just a few old guys and some dancers on a stage. I got back into my car and the other car where the other 2 girl were, asked if I was there for the show. When I said yes, they invited me into their car. It was the one girl's birthday. We all hit it off really well. Turns out they do not live too far from me in NJ. When they told me where they were from, I told them about the experience with that guy that I bought the Iggy bootleg from and that he lived in the same town as them. As it turns out, it was one of the girl's boyfriend. We exchanged all of our band stories and who we had met. Turns out Jo had seen the Dead Boys lots of times and had alot of really good Stiv stories including back at the Chelsea Hotel. The other girl, Lori, told me she once had sex with Joey Ramone in a volkswagon outside of CBGB's. Not sure if that is true as Lori was a little insane. Lori stopped hanging out with us shortly after that night. She joined the military and over the years rumor has it, she has moved up pretty high in their ranks. The Steel Tips were good. The Dead Boys were amazing and they immediately became one of my new favorite bands. I hung out with Jo & Lori in the club and we got to sit up front although no one stayed in their seats at all. I exchanged phone numbers with Jo so we could hang out in NYC and go see bands. She told me about this band called The Blessed that was made up of really young kids that were fantastic. I can not wait to see them.

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