Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring 1978 Bowie Tour - Part 3

May 7th - May 9th, 1978
Went to see Bowie at Madison Square Garden in NYC. We did get into one of the sound checks and spent some time talking with Adrian Belew, the guitar player. During this time, we saw Bowie at a few different locations. He did a interview at WPLJ radio and we were able to get into the radio station and wait in the waiting room for him. We also saw him several times at the Pierre Hotel where he stayed in NYC. He was usually with CoCo his assistant. Bowie was always extremely nice and posed for photos and I did get to kiss him once. This was last time that Bowie toured until 1983 so the rest of the postings will be coming from my diary and the different bands I went to see in NYC.

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