Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring 1978 Bowie Tour - Part 2

April 28th & 29th, 1978
Went to see David Bowie at the Spectrum in Phili. Phili was always the best town to see Bowie in. Crazy fans there. Some of the guys that were fans looked quite abit like him. Two of the girl fans that stand out to me are Lenny Lame and Purple. They were both alittle crazy. Purple always lifted her shirt during the concert and there were always lots of rumors about Bowie and Lenny. No idea if any were true. The concert was great. After we stayed over in the same hotel as Bowie did, it was the Holiday Inn (?) right by the Spectrum. The next day, we were waiting in the lobby to see him and someone that worked there told us that Bowie was going to sneak out the back so about 6 of us waited in the back by the garbage dumpsters. He did come out and was very nice to us and gave us autographs. He looked amazing and was quite dressed up in a suit. So we followed him to the airport and waited with him while he waited for his plane. We did not bother him, just looked at him but screamed when he went to board the plane. I floated for days from so much David Bowie in such a short time.

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