Sunday, March 2, 2008

Going Back in Time or How I Followed Bands from 1976 to 1980

Most people keep a blog of the present but this will be a blog that is going back a little over 30 years. I have decided to bring a diary I kept back to life with some additional memories during that time. The time frame for my writings is from 1976 - 1980. The diary captured bands that I used to follow, the excitement of meeting them, becoming friends with some of them, and most of all how we thought we were legends in our own minds. My diary was titled Hail True Love. It has always been my hope that my diary could be used as the basis for a book or a screenplay. I think I was also fortunate to live in NJ as we were so close to NYC. Not only did all of the big rock bands come through but all of the up and coming bands would play throughout NJ. I am changing some of the names where necessary. I have been able to transform some of my writings into designs and you can view them in my storefront at My designs can appear on T Shirts, Apparel, Art Prints, and Gifts.

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