Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meeting Iggy Pop.........

October 1977
Iggy Pop toured again in October and Blondie once again opened for him. We went to see him on Oct 6th at the Palladium in NYC and waited at the back door for him and got to meet him. In Phili, we had kind of strange encounter with Iggy. After the show, we went back to his hotel to meet him. He was staying at the Holiday Inn at the airport. While waiting there we met the Sales Brothers. I always thought that it was kind of odd that Soupy Sales’ sons were playing with Iggy Pop. They were not really very friendly but they were very cute. They always wore all black leather. Then Iggy came in to the hotel and came over to us in the lobby. There were about 8 of us. He was really out of it and I think we were taken aback by how out of it/overfriendly that he was to us. He kept talking to us and asking for something, but none of us were sure what he really wanted. No one went back to his room with him, I think we were all alittle scared of him. Then the Roadies came in and we began to talk with them. They invited us upstairs to one of the rooms to hang out which we did and it was a lot of fun. One of the girl’s I was with hooked up with the road Manager in hopes of getting some free tickets in the future. Overall, Iggy is an amazing performer and if anyone gets the opportunity to see him, he does still tour so I highly recommend going.
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