Friday, March 14, 2008

Meeting Deborah Harry

March 19th, 1977
Went to the Tower Theatre in Phili to see Igg & Blondie and we waited by the stage door. I got to meet Deborah Harry for the first time. It was kind of weird because I met a guy there also waiting that I had gone to high school with. He was also a really big Bowie fan. I thought for sure that Bowie would do something on stage in Phili since it was really his town but he just played the keyboards like he did at the Palladium.

I did not keep a detailed diary until the middle of 1978 so for the writings for the next year, the dates might be a little off. I did about 10 years ago, go back and write it all out which a good thing since I do not think I would ever remember it today.

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