Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My First Punk Rock Concert

Dec 26th, 1976
I went to London as part of a college course for the last week of Dec 1976 and the 1st week of Jan 1977. The class was called Theater in London but my main purpose for going was to find everything and anything on David Bowie that I could. And London was great. I have not been back since but at the time but at the time it felt very safe and easy to get around. My memories are of really great rock & roll newspapers that always had the Sex Pistols splashed all over the front page. I bought a huge stack of different ones to bring back home. Once in London, I knew I wanted to go to the Marquee Club which was notorious for being one of the first club or one of the first clubs that Bowie got his start in. As luck would have it, I did get to go to a show there with Mick (Woody) Woodmansey. He played drums for Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars era so that was a lot of fun.

My biggest excursion involved taking a trip to the Roundhouse that took me off my little subway map. The club was advertising a punk rock afternoon show . I do not remember all of the bands that played at the time but I believe 2 of the bands were The Damned and The Gorillas. I was alittle scared at first. I was 18 years old and had ventured out alone since no one on the college trip was interested in going. I still remember standing on the outside of the Roundhouse alone and watching the groups of kids come. It was my first exposure to seeing guys dressing in all black leather with safety pins. But I went in to the show and really enjoyed it. All of this made my thirst for punk rock grow and when I returned home, I tried to get my two Bowie friends interested but they would not bite. They were alittle turned off by it so I did a lot of the searching myself over the next year. Coming up next, my first Iggy Pop Concert March 18th, 1977 at the Palladium in NYC.

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