Saturday, March 8, 2008

My First Encounter with David Bowie - Face to Face

March 18th, 1977
I was very excited to go to my first Iggy Pop concert at the Palladium in NYC. My main reason for going of course was because David Bowie was playing keyboards on this tour. We were hopeful that Bowie would get up and perform. Blondie was the opening act. I went with my 2 Bowie friends and we were not quite sure what to expect. All we had ever heard about Iggy Pop was that he had rolled around on glass while performing on the stage. The Palladium was on 14th Street and we were not sure where to part so we went around the block and found street parking. Little did we know it was at the back door of the concert hall. We saw some kids hanging out so we went over to see what was going on. Turns out, we were at the door that the performers enter through. And on this date, I had met David Bowie for the very first time. I met him several times after that but this was the biggest thrill since I never even knew it was possible. It was so completely unexpected. The concert was amazing. Bowie never left the keyboards but he looked great in his black leather jacket and jeans. It was a real departure from how he looked when he performed on his own. Iggy was also fantastic. He wore extremely tight jeans with no shirt and was an incredible performer. Blondie was also fantastic and that night Debby Harry & Iggy Pop became my #2 & # 3 on my list, in that order. I was so hooked. I could not wait to go the following night to the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia to see the same concert. One great thing about living in New Jersey, you are half way between NYC & Phili and it was easy to go to all of the shows.

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