Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring 1978 - Bowie/Eno Tour for Low - Part 1

Cleveland Bowie Show April 22nd 1978
Bowie toured with Eno and it was a great tour. I got to see the concert at 3 different places, NYC, Phili, and Cleveland. Cleveland came first. We flew out there since one of my Bowie friends had an Aunt that lived out there and her boyfriend had something really big to do with the arena that Bowie was playing at. We were told we had front row seats. So off to Cleveland we went. We did buy Bowie flowers to give to him during the show since we would be so close. We found out we had gotten 3rd row seats instead because he thought that the 1st row would hurt out necks. I was a little disappointed but 3rd row was still really great and it was the closest I ever got to see Bowie in concert.

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