Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Changes to the Voidoids

March 10th, 1979
I went to see the Fast at Max's. It was a really hot night. Jerry Nolan was walking around all depressed all night. Joann offered him a joint but he said no. Billy Stark was there from the Blessed. So we talked about the Blessed all night. And now for the shock. Xcessive joined the Voidoids. Jerry was fired. Isn't that so weird. So X told me the words to my fave Richard Hell song in the world, " I lie here staring in her eyes." Joann found out such hot gossip and I found out so much dish on Debby Harry & David Bowie. It was confirmed that Bowie is in NY now and he was at the Ramones party the other night. And also confirmed that Debby Harry was there. I just have to find Bowie this week in NY.


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