Sunday, December 21, 2008

Venturing out after the accident

March 24th, 1979
I finally went out again. I feel so much better but for the first week I never felt so awful. I never left my bed and slept almost all the time. Jo ann came over to visit. I feel pretty much back to my old self again except I am wearing an eye patch and I am still missing my teeth. But I went to the dentist and that is getting fixed.

So we went to see the David Johansen Band at Emmit's. It is only about 30 minutes so I did not have to venture into NYC. It was a really good night. Buzzy Verno got so drunk that he could not even play with the band so Peter the tour manager had to take his place. So needless to say, the set was really short. I spoke with Bernie the roadie alittle bit. Frankie LaRocka had a lot of sympathy for me with my car accident and so did Tommy Trask. Frankie said he considers Marie & I friends and not fans. I got alot of guitar pics from Tommy. He is definetly one of my favorite rock stars. It was so good to go out and see a band again. I think I was having withdrawals.

I also went to Woodbridge Center and for a few new singles, one of which is the new Voidoids single. It is so good.


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