Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Blessed Night

May 13th, 1979

I went to see the Blessed at Max's. It was kind of a weird night. JoAnn and I were on the guest list. We got their early so we drove Eileen & Howie to Eileen's house and then we dropped Howie off at some girl Debbie's house who I am really not a big fan of. I heard that she is really rich and Howie lives with her sometimes. We ran into Cheetah Chrome and spoke with him for a little while.
Well as for the Blessed show, they only did 1 set. And Max's was kind of empty so Howie & Billy were being really obnoxious to the audience. They have some really new good song called Fairy Tales. I just love it. Found out some good Blondie dirt. They will be at Powerhouse all week recording. Maybe I can go in one day.
We went upstairs after the show and everyone in the Blessed seemed kind of depressed. Walter was not friendly at all. Brad didn't talk to me. I fought with Howie the entire time. Billy was the only nice one. I get along really great with the Blessed, right? Howie just seemed so upset after the show. I think he took the small crowd the hardest. It was just a strange night. And Marina was not there - she is in Texas.

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