Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Richard Hell Encounter

May 18th, 1979

I went to see Destroy all Monsters at Hurrah's. Where do I even begin. Everyone from Blondie was there except for Debbie & Chris. Clem Burke said Hi. Nigel came over & talked to me for a long time. But Franke & Jimmy were complete snobs. Anyway - I talked to Richard Hell for a really long time. He wants me to run their fan club but I can't because of the Blessed Fan Club. But I told him I would so I decided that I'll ask Richard if one of my friends can do it and I would just help out with it. Richard said to me - What do you want to be , a groupie? Because I told him I was in college. I guess he was kind of surprised. And he went to give me his phone number but I said I had it already. Can you imagine that Richard Hell wanted to give me his phone number? And then afterwards I went to Max's and saw Billy Stark & Howie Pyro there. I told them that Richard Hell wants me to do his fan club also. I don't think they want me to do both.


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