Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eileen Polk's House

May 21st, 1979

Went to Eileen Polk's house to work on the Blessed Fan Club and watch some of the movies that I took. It was fun. Walter Lure, Billy, & Howie were also there. Walture was so funny but I think he was alittle high. Billy wore really tight Sasoon jeans. I decided that Howie is kind of self-centered. So anyway - when we were watching the Blessed shows that I had filmed I felt so dumb because I did not realize how much during a show I filmed Howie and no one else. Next show which is June 14th at the Mudd Club I am going to film alot of Billy & Walter. I think I am going to be removing Howie from my top 10 list and add Billy instead. We did not work on the fan club very much but it was just so much fun to hang out anyway.


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