Monday, August 10, 2009

Sylvain's New Band

July 20th, 1979
I went to see Sylvain's new band at Max's. I spoke with Billy Stark from the Blessed for most of the night. I got really update when Brad Barnett told me the Blessed might be playing at his sister's sweet 16 party but I couldn't go because it would be his parents that were throwing the party and it would be his parents that are throwing the party. I am supposed to write Billy and send him a list of addresses but I can not believe I lost his address. Howie Pyro was there but all he did was whiz right by so I didn't get to talk to him. Tommy Trask was there and he never even said hello. I swore I will never to go another one of their shows again but then at the end of the night he came over and said hello and was really nice. So overall I had a lot of fun at Max's that night. I fell down the stairs twice at Max's. Must have been those Heartbreakers drinks. They are so good. Oh - I spoke to Paul Zone also for a minute. He was pretty friendly.


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