Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sylvain's New Band

July 21st, 1979

Went to Max's to see Sylvain's new band. I had a pretty good time. Billy Stark never showed up but Howie, Walter, & Brad did. I spoke to Howie Pyro for awhile and I gave him a button to give to Billy that I had gotten for Billy. I hope that Billy gets it and Howie does not keep it. I spoke to Brad alot during the night. Some lady to me & Howie's photo together while we were talking. God I would love to get a copy of that. Maybe it will turn up somewhere. Brad & Howie gave me the address of their reheasal studio and when they may rehearse & they said I could some sometime. Maybe I will. God Howie Pyro looked so good last night.

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